Cameroon’s EDC Takes Over Lom Pangar Dam
Friday, July 14, 2017  Printer Friendly Email this article

Cameroon, through its utility company Electricity Development Corp. (EDC), officially took over the management of the Lom Pangar dam. The Lom Pangar dam is the largest energy infrastructure in Cameroon.

With a water storage capacity of 6 billion cubic meters, Lom Pangar aims to regulate flows upstream of the Sanaga River in order to allow optimum production of the Songloulou and Edéa power stations. This allows for construction of other dams on the river, which is home to 75% of Cameroon’s hydroelectrical power potential.
The Lom Pangar hydroelectric development project incorporates the construction of a 30-MW foot plant currently under construction. This will allow electricity to be supplied to several villages in the Eastern region.

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