Mozambique Commits to Full Grid Connection by 2018
Monday, September 11, 2017  Printer Friendly Email this article

Mozambique has committed to giving the whole country access to the grid by 2018. According to the state utility, Electricidade de Mocambique (EdM), the remaining four districts with no access to power will be connected to the national grid by 2018.

Regions concerned are Muleva, Luabo and Derre in the Zambezia districts, and also Doa in the Tete district. Estimated cost for related works is $18 million which will be provided by the central government.

In order to boost national power output, EdMis currently building a gas-fired, combined cycle power station of a capacity of 106MW in the Maputo district in order to meet growing demand. The $180 million project will be financed in part ($167 million) by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Also, a 220kV transmission line linking Chibata to Dondo, in the central region, is being laid while works to lay another of 11kV linking Cuamba to Marrupa are expected to commence soon. 

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