Togo Goes Mini-Solar
Sunday, November 12, 2017  Printer Friendly Email this article

Togo is experimenting with mini-solar PV plants to help power those in the country who have no access to the national grid. The work started in Bavou in February 2017, was completed in October. It involves the construction of a 150 kWp mini solar power plant, with a 5-km low voltage (LV) distribution network, equipped with 65 streetlights and customer service meters.

 In addition to Bavou, the project with a total cost of FCFA 2 billion will enable the electrification of the localities of Assoukoko in the prefecture of Blitta; of Kountoum in the prefecture of Bassar and Takpapieni in the prefecture of South Oti. All households will be systematically connected to the mini network.


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