Zambezi Authority Reduces Power Output
Sunday May 12, 2019  Printer Friendly Email this article

The Zambezi River Authority has further reduced the allocation of the Lake Kariba water reserve in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Now, the two countries will have no more than 19, but 16 billion cubic meters of water each for electricity production.

"To this end, the power output of the plant in Zimbabwe will be reduced to about 358 MW against current production of 542 MW. The management of the water reserve of the plant will be reviewed during the year," said Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) in a statement.

The company also stated that it would make efforts to ensure the least possible disruption of power distribution. And this, even if the rest of the energy park of the country is quite fragile because of the obsolescence of equipment and acts of vandalism perpetrated against the network.

ZPC therefore relies on all its customers to use energy economically to reduce the risk of load shedding.

In normal times the plant has a capacity of 1,830 MW divided equally between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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