SustainSolar and PWRstation launched Sustain Flex at African Utility Week
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Introducing the containerized, expandable solar solution for clean, secure, off-grid power

Up until quite recently, the number of people around the world without electricity was around one billion, and even though this number is slowly improving, it is still unacceptably high. In Central Africa, the overwhelming majority has no access to electricity. For all of Sub-Saharan Africa, despite the share of the population with electricity rising steadily, rapid population growth and infrastructure challenges still leave approximately 600 million people without access to electricity.


Traditional large-scale power plants and long-distance transmission and distribution networks prove ineffective in reaching the especially large number of people in rural communities without grid connection. In order to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals No. 7 which aims to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”, decentralised power generation technology and innovative business models are needed.


South African based Sustainable Power Generation, a rapidly growing African manufacturer of modular and  versatile containerised solutions for clean power generation, has partnered with Swiss-based PWRstation, to meet this need.


SustainSolar, Sustainable Power Generation’s solar solutions, offer highly versatile, mobile containerised solar power generation equipment ranging from 5 to 80 kWp PV off-grid systems with battery storage and diesel hybrid functionality that are designed, manufactured, and installed in Africa with Africa’s unique climate and environmental challenges in mind.


Combined with PWRstation’s revolutionary extractable EXOrac™ system, SustainSolar is now able to provide rural and off-grid applications with a safe, secure, and rugged solution that is mobile, modular, and able to deploy within minutes. 


Tobias Hobbach, CEO and Founder of SustainSolar says, “Access to electricity is a necessity for humanity: homes need lights and power for appliances, phones, and tools, while businesses, school and clinics depend on powered equipment and machinery to function. Access to electricity and energy storage solutions are vital for every field of modern life, from agriculture to commerce, from public services and health supplies to industry.”


PWRstation developed the industrial-class retractable racking system with unique design features which not only enable fast and easy solar asset installation and redeployment, but are also perfectly suited for containerisation. Malcolm Truman, PWRstation’s Business Development Manager says, “We are delighted to welcome Sustainable Power Generation on board as our new African distribution partner. Our EXOrac™ solution is a perfect fit for their SustainSolar Rapid Deployment solar containers and the remote and rural off-grid markets they are intending to target with this solution. We are looking forward to collaborating with the SustainSolar team in Cape Town at the launch of their solution and getting some projects off the ground.”

The benefits of Sustain Flexwith EXOrac:

      Pre-installed, rugged 10-ft container securely houses all equipment.

      Retractable accordion-style industrial-class solar module racking system.

      Easy and safe to transport.

      Scalable solution for ultra-rapid activation within minutes.

      6kWp solar power produced by four individual EXOracs.

      Market-leading SMA inverters, and 10kWh of TESVOLT lithium-ion batteries.

      Easy to close and lock in case of security concerns, extreme weather, or fire.

      Ideal for remote and rural off-grid applications, whether permanent or temporary.

      Goes where you need it most; activated as quickly as you want it.

      Perfectly suited for leasing and rental models.

Says Tobias, “SustainPower’s gas-to-power solutions are already trusted for the quality of their design, engineering, and manufacturing, and our commitment to only use world-class components. The Swiss EXOrac™ that PWRstation brings to the SustainSolar offering is a perfect alignment of our values and our positioning – exceptional African-strength design, backed with Swiss-precision components that are innovative and robust. SustainSolar’s containerised power solutions are ideal for mini-grids and off-grid, permanent or temporary applications, such as rural communities, lodges, government and humanitarian applications, clinics, schools, disaster relief and so on. We’re excited to bring this rugged, safe, versatile solar solution to Africa.”


The launch of Sustain Flex ™ and the market introduction of EXOrac™ took place at this year’s African Utility Week in Cape Town. “The containerised, expandable rapid deployment solution, and the scaleable racking system, drew a lot of attention to our stand from local and international attendees,” said Tobias. “Our SustainSolar and PWRstation teams welcomed visitors and answered questions about Sustain Flex™ and EXOrac™.”


With the pressing demand for reliable access to power in Africa, it is good to know that locally engineered power solutions are continuing to innovate and produce rugged, secure alternatives to grid and diesel generators.

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