Solar Water Pumps to Help Alleviate Drought in Kenya
Thursday April 6, 2017  Printer Friendly Email this article

The Solar Energy Foundation is trying to alleviate drought catastrophes and their consequences, dropping or low crops, in East Africa through the use of solar water pumps for irrigation.  

In April 2017, 23 of the 47 counties of Kenya were already affected by the drought. The project is aimed at those farmers who suffer particularly from the ongoing drought. In Kenya, the Solar Energy Foundation and local partners are implementing a project to bring solar water pumps to these farmers.

After thorough research and a wide range of practical tests, SF1 from Futurepump (UK / India) was chosen by the Solar Energy Foundation. The capacity of the pump is more than 12,000 liters of water per day. It has been developed specifically for the needs of small farmers in Africa and has been successfully used in Uganda and Kenya for several years

The costs for water pump and training of the respective farmer are about €900, which farmers cannot afford. Under the program the pumps are funded by the Revolving Fund, which has been successfully applied by the Solar Energy Foundation in several other East African countries.

The Solar Energy Foundation finances the acquisition costs of the water pump and also offers a training for the farmers to the best possible use of the solar water pump. The farmers pay for the pump in installments, which are paid in each case following the annual crops.

The funds from the payments from farmers are ploughed back into the program to import additional pumps and provide new farmers with an improved harvest. In this project, the foundation assumes the pre-financing of the pump as well as the credit risk. In addition, with its local partners, it ensures that the decisive conditions for optimal operation are also met.

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