Stakeholders in Niger’s Kandadji Meet for Phase 2
Tuesday April 11, 2017  Printer Friendly Email this article

In order to launch the second phase of Niger’s Kandadji hydropower dam the government, technical partners, and financial partners held a meeting from April 3-7. The meeting gave an opportunity for stakeholders to assess the Phase I process and identify constraints to improve the strategy forward on the second phase.

The stakeholders agreed to review the coordination of the authorization, disbursement and advice process.

"We agree with the magnitude of the challenge of implementing Phase 2. It must be carried out with the utmost precaution to ensure its success. We must fulfill our commitments," said Prime Minister Brigi Rafini, who chaired the summit meeting.

The partners are setting a timeline for Phase 2 and the pre-selection of companies to perform the civil works is to be launched.

It is expected that a first preliminary report will be available in September and that will allow for the financing of Phase 2 to be organized.

Mouldi Tahount, a representative of the AfDB said the African lending institutions contribution of $120 million will depend on the validation of processes in this second part of the program. "We can claim an effective start of Kandadji in 2018," he reassured.


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