GE Looks to Expand Hydropower Position in Africa
Thursday May 18, 2017  Printer Friendly Email this article

GE is looking to expand its participation in Africa’s hydroelectric power generation sector. The company aims to increase the hydroelectric capacity of the continent of 29 GW. "Hydroelectricity is booming in Africa. By 2016, more than 3 GW of capacity has been put into service, and this proportion will increase over the next few years. Projects are also underway to add another 7 GW in Angola, 2 GW in Mozambique and Nigeria, 2 GW in Morocco and 18 GW in Ethiopia, by 2030," said Yves Rannou, CEO of GE Renewable Energy. The company plans to implement the newly developed digital hydroelectric power plant technology in these new projects. "The future of software is particularly bright in hydroelectricity. Having more data makes it possible to make better decisions that help reduce costs and improve plant efficiency while extending their lifespan," says Rannou.

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