Vandals Slow Zimbabwean Electrification
Wednesday September 5, 2018  Printer Friendly Email this article

The national electricity company of Zimbabwe, ZESA, revealed that it requires $20 million to replace the processors that were vandalized or stolen across the country.According to the government, around 4,000 transformers will have to be set up.

At least three transformers are stolen every night, which literally makes ZESA unable to replace all of this equipment, largely because of the lack of foreign currency in the country.

"The transformer replacement process is underway and our role is to provide electricity. But let's not forget that we are short of currencies and that the cheapest processors are at around $5,000 a piece,” said FullardGwasira, the company’s spokesman.

While only 42% of the population has access to electricity, these unanticipated repairs to grid components are slowing efforts to expand access to energy in Zimbabwe

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