New PV Film Powers Schools
Thursday February 7, 2019  Printer Friendly Email this article

As a result of a partnership between UNESCO and French firm Armor, a new PV film will provide solar energy to some schools in Africa. The system has already been successfully tested in a Togolese school.

The agreement between UNESCO and Armor stipulates that Armor must supply UNESCO with PV films, to be used to power the portable lamps that will be distributed to some African students. For UNESCO, this project represents an “innovation” that was tested on a pilot basis at the beginning of this year in a government primary school in Akplolo, Togo.

This pilot project will be part of a larger project: the broader implementation under this partnership agreement. Last year, it was successfully tested with six students from a primary school in the same area.

In the coming months, the UNESCO project should provide 212 schoolchildren in the Akplolo locality with rechargeable mobile lamps to enable them to revise their lessons in the evening. The French company will provide the school with 65 solar sets (pouches that, once opened, serve as solar chargers) and 240 portable and rechargeable LED lamps. The solar sets are equipped with Asca organic photovoltaic film and are charged by sunlight. This photovoltaic film is semi-transparent. For its designers, it allows them to “turn to the sun to offer a renewable energy source as an alternative to other energies.”

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