Oragroup Goes Green in Togo
Monday February 11, 2019  Printer Friendly Email this article

A bank in Togo is going green. The Togolese branch of Oragroup is involved in the energy transition. The financial institution will acquire, for its headquarters in Lomé, a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 400 KW, under a contract of realization concluded with the company Otamari.

With this project, it has two objectives. First, to have an  autonomous source of energy based on the sun and then gradually move towards renewable energies. To carry out this project, Otamari will rely on its German partner Solar3 with which it has formed a group.

Orabank, as part of this energy transition, had already installed at its agency in Tsévié (36 km from Lomé) a photovoltaic system of 20 KW.

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